Wednesday, March 10, 2004

More compassion

Not that Attorney General John Ashcroft is any friend of mine. He's probably my least favorite person in the current administration. If I could send just one of them off the island, it would be him.

But I still expect better from the left, which supposedly has compassion even for killers. Here's what turns up on the Web site, in ref. to the news of Ashcroft's medical condition:

  • "He has it coming. He is utterly sub-human and evil. Suffer, bastard."
  • "[T]he world would be better off without him."
  • "I hope he is in the most severe pain a human being can suffer, and after that, I hope he remains in constant pain with no hope of relief."

In the same place, just a day before, tears were shed over the death of cold-blooded killer Abul Abbas in U.S. custody.