Friday, April 30, 2004


Some words of wisdom from some of my favorite bloggers. First, a brief and to the point post on the ugly truth of war, courtesy of one who has been there. Lt. Smash on "Crimnes of War."

THE UGLY TRUTH of warfare is that there are no “knights in shining armor” who will always fight for Good. Evil lurks deep in the hearts of all men, and it doesn’t care what flag you wear on your sleeve. We are most vulnerable when we suffer under the burden of tremendous stress – but the ultimate responsibility to resist Evil lies with every individual.

I'm angry at the "soldiers" who did this and the "leaders" who let it happen. More Iraqi and American blood will be shed in the weeks to come, to pay the wages of the anger this arouses, than Osama could have hoped to shed himself. The warrior's code has failed in these men and women. They should be punished publicly to the full extent of the law.

And for the story that seems to never break into the news cycle:

I'd still like to see Nightline present the names of all the oil-for-food money recipients. And maybe of a few Iraqi kids who died because of the fraud's keeping them from getting medicine. And maybe an interview with Kofi Annan's son, Kojo, about his role. ...

Just in the name of balance, you know.

From Willow:

Ya know, when I lived in a foriegn country, I realized I was a guest. It wasn't my country, I gave deference to people whose country it was. Although I didn't like every thing about that country I always displayed respect for my hosts, which was pretty damned effective for keeping feelings good between us so we could discover and enjoy what we DID have in common.

And this quote:

In the housing projects near [radical French cleric Abdelkader] Bouziane's mosque, a young man with a closely cropped beard said he thought that the cleric had done nothing wrong. "If my wife cheats on me, I have the right to correct her," he said, "and not just with a slap on the bottom, but with a gunshot."

courtesy of Allahpundit, Who also has dug up this Islamists' wet-dream image:

from the sparsely-attended capitulation rally that the Iraqi kidnappers demanded as the price of sparing the lives of their Italian hostages.