Tuesday, May 04, 2004

That Cartoon

Here's a good run-down on the controversy over the cartoon about Pat Tillman, by an "artist" whose name I do not care to repeat.

A number of people have written to the sources that published this piece of work, expressing their opinions about it. I added my voice, with particular reference to my position in the media:

Universal Press Syndicate:
Lee Salem

Mr. Salem,

I'm writing to you as a private citizen, but I also happen to be an editor at a newspaper that runs some UPS material. I often am asked by my editor to vet potential columns and services that the paper is considering picking up.

Like many people, I was repulsed by cartoonist Rall's take on the death of Pat Tillman. Being in journalism, I have a commitment to free speech that I'm sure you share. But I also have an awareness of the responsibility of the job, which tells me that, just because you CAN say anything doesn't mean you SHOULD say everything. This piece of work seems to me to clearly stand on the wrong side of that line.

I'm looking forward to what response UPS will take to this situation. I would like to continue your organization in my esteem.

Best wishes,
Doug Harper