Tuesday, June 22, 2004

How to Count

From an article in "The Australian:"

"President George W. Bush also insisted Baghdad had a massive arsenal of weapons of mass destruction, but no such weapons have ever been found."

Except for that shell stuffed with the Sarin gas brew. Here Michael Moore sneers, "Oh, just one, big deal."

1. Sarin shells are like cockroaches; there's never "just one"

2. the U.N. resolutions that justified this war didn't set an upper limit on the number of banned weapons Saddam was allowed to have, so one shell puts him over the line

3. if you're a media outlet, such as "The Australian," you should know enough about words to know that any positive number -- even "one" -- is more than "zero," And therefore you can no longer say "no such weapons have ever been found" when some have, in fact, been found.

Unless, of course, you're more committed to your preferred version of reality than you are to the truth, in which case you belong in "1984," not in the newsgathering profession.