Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Normandy defeatists

A lot of the sites I regularly read are citing Hanson's hilarious send-up, imagining reactions of various modern-day defeatists had they been in Normandy in 1944.

Gore's might be the most spot-on, but I happen to enjoy the imaginary "Moveon" response:

Moveon.org: Maybe now the American people will finally grow up when they see their children slaughtered on a French beach and huddled in hedgerows waiting to die. But what they don’t know is that thousands of poor conscripted Russians and eastern Europeans were innocent targets whom our boys killed on so-called D-Day. And does America want to deal with the five thousand French civilians who died in our secret bombing campaign before the invasion? Let those who said we’d be greeted with roses explain the charred bodies of women and children to the French public.

Perhaps because I've been reading and hearing a lot of that kind of stuff nowadays.

(graphic courtesy of The Bleat).