Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Clarity from Canada

Soft on Islam, by Klaus Rohrich. Don't know how long this link will be up, but here's how it starts:

Last Sunday a Methodist minister in Coquitlam BC urged his parishioners to go out and set fire to all the area’s mosques. On the same weekend, a Catholic clergyman in Yonkers, N.Y. rigged a couple of his altar boys with dynamite-laden vests and sent them out to blow up the headquarters of the Muslim-American Association of New York. A month previous, a Baptist minister in Atlanta, Georgia called for the eradication of all Muslims and told his church that if they died while engaged in the act of killing Muslim "Infidels", they would be guaranteed a spot in Heaven, at the right hand of Jesus. A Rabbi in Stockholm, Sweden urged his Schul to form up gangs and "smite Muslims, wherever they may find them".

Sound absurd? Of course it does, as no Christian or Jewish cleric today would dream of doing anything of the sort. However, that isn’t the case with the world’s fastest growing religion. Almost daily, Islamic clerics are calling for, among other things, the destruction of Israel, the destruction of the Great Satan, America, the killing of infidel tourists around the world and the death of all Jews.

However, there is little or no reaction from the so-called civilized world to this genocidal ranting. In fact, the West seems to tiptoe around anything to do with Islamic malfeasance. I do not understand this. Is it because we are afraid that by excoriating their racist slander, they will turn on us, or is it because of some misguided sense of tolerance and acceptance of cultural differences?

UPDATE: See here for the long-term link to this piece, and thanks to "passer-by" for locating it.