Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Headline News

"My" newspaper's Page One headlines about the GOP convention this week have been:

  • Monday: "Thousands of anti-Bush protesters fill NYC"
  • Tuesday: "GOP opens with attacks on Kerry"
  • Wednesday: "First Lady Hail's Bush's Leadership"
  • And tomorrow: "Cheney, Miller Assail Kerry"

Hmmm. Let's have a look back in the newsroom library (the one with the framed Michael Moore quote by the door) at the Page One headlines from the same days during the Democratic convention in July:

  • Monday: "Kerry asks: 'four more years of what?' "
  • Tuesday: "Clinton: 'I'm 'foot soldier' for Kerry"
  • Wednesday: "Kerry: Implement 9/11 plan," with sub-head "Democratic hopeful challenges Bush over leadership on terror battle." And a second Kerry story on the same page: "Heinz Kerry touts husband's record"
  • Thursday: "Edwards calls for 'politics of hope,' " and a second Kerry story, above the fold: "Kerry arrives to hero's welcome," with a sub-head, "Vietnam vets surround Democratic nominee."

Now, there's no doubt here whom my editors want to see win this thing. Cheney is "pure evil" and the election is "the most important of our time" because they don't think the world will survive four more years of Bush.