Friday, June 11, 2004

Michael Moore for VP

My more sane Democratic friends, the ones who don't froth at the mouth and chew the carpet when Dubya's visage pops onto the TV screen, protest that Michael Moore is a fringe player in their party. They say he is rejected by the mainstream of reasonable, sane Democrats, who know the difference between "being anti-war" and "being for the other side," as Moore clearly does not. So I wonder how they will feel about this snippet, reported in the Spectator.

The DNC has worked out a deal with the distributor of left-wing extremist Michael Moore's new anti-Bush film that will ensure more than a half-million DVD copies of the film will be distributed nationwide in October 2004, just a month before the general election.

The unprecedented deal, in which the DNC will pay essentially a wholesale price for the DVD. "This could be a huge boost for our grassroots," says a DNC furndraiser. "We have such a network now of folks getting together on a local basis that the movie will give them a reason to gather, perhaps fundraise and certainly expand their circle of friends."

Probably they won't feel anything, because probably it won't be reported anywhere that they'll read.