Tuesday, July 27, 2004

More Clarity from Canada

"Come let me tell you who the Jews are. The Jews have lied about the Creator, and even more so about His creations. The Jews are the murderers of the prophets, the violators of agreements, of whom Allah said: 'Every time they make a promise under oath, some of them violated it; most of them are unbelievers.' These are the Jews: usurers and whoremongers. They will leave you nothing, neither this world nor religion."

These words are heard frequently on Al-Jazeera, in various commentaries coming from hosts like Sheikh Qaradhawi and other speakers who appear in panel discussions. The words are never challenged.

They come from Osama Bin Laden. It is from his famous "Feast of the Sacrifice" sermon.

'CNN of Middle East' a TV network that only George Orwell could love by Charles Adler of the Winnipeg Sun.