Sunday, September 05, 2004


When I wrote below about the shortage of moderate Muslims in the Middle East who were bold enough to stand up and in public condemn the Islamist terrorist slaughter of children in Russia, I should have mentioned that the list includes the always brave, always indispensible Iraqi bloggers, such as Alaa:

This is unbearable. As I am watching the horror pictures from Russia, I watch our little one, for we have a lovely young one in the house too. This is unbearable. Nothing and no cause can justify this, no way. And what is more unbearable is that these zombies carry out all these atrocities in the name of my own religion, in the name of my own God. ... Descend Anger of the whole of decent humanity in one great convulsion to exterminate all the zombies everywhere once and for all. No more is to be said. I am speechless with grief and the faces of mothers haunt me as I watch our own little mother and her son here in the house.

May the Lord God preserve humanity and lift this scourge from the earth.