Thursday, September 02, 2004

OK, Just One More, I Promise

Emily, 24, goes to Long John Silver's in Singapore:

Had dinner with Kim at Long John Silver earlier. LJS is such a Cheaterbug!

Ordered a combo one which consists of two pieces of chicken, fries and a drink. The chicken pieces were strunken, much smaller than a goreng pisang. (!!) They probably held just as much(little?) meat as two chicken mcnuggets cojoined.

I looked at the cashier and went, "How come like that? Bird flu then all the chicken pieces become so small ah?! How can???" She laughed and chimed, "Er...all the chicken now become smaller lah" which actually wasnt any explanation at all.

It's appalling how dishonest businesses can get. It's atrocious. Blatantly downsizing and compromising quality while keeping the price the same...or even worse, raising the price altogether.

Check out Ronald's Mcnuggets. They've never tasted worse in the entirety of a millenium. Ronald should be ashamed of himself. Shame on you, you yellow dirty fellow with your dirty little business tricks!

Somebody do a study on Singapore English. Like my friend Sarina writes it ("I have lots of stuffs to do today ..."). It's rapidly morphing into a distinct language in the mouths and minds of 5-foot-tall princesses clacking around the island city-state in high heels and tight skirts.