Monday, September 06, 2004

Be-Labor Day

Lileks has a great Labor Day post, in which he takes on the media, Hollywood know-it-alls, and American dissidents who feel they are victims of 9-11. He also manages a graph for those of us who have long-standing and serious disagreements with Bush and his party but find that something bigger is in the room now.

I got a letter the other day, the daily I’ve-stopped-reading-you-because letter that accused me of being “intolerant” of other points of view. I suspect that for some, “intolerant” means unwilling to agree with points of view I find unsupportable. You will, I hope, note that this site spends very little time on taxes, regulation, stem cell research, abortion, the death penalty, gay marriage, environmentalism, school vouchers, mass transit, clog dancing, circumcision, Central Standard Time, Coke V. Pepsi, or any other major issue of the day. Now and again I’ll bring one of them up. But not often. I do bring up the war more than any other issue, because I happen to believe we’re in one, and it should be won. I have no problem debating strategies and objectives, but there are some arguments that bore me right away. I am not intolerant of these ideas. I’m just tired of them. They come from some Happy-clappy parallel universe where Islamic terrorists do not bayonet little kids in the gut when they ask for water. I do not live there.

I don't dislike John Kerry. I voted for Gore in 2000, and I like Kerry now better than I liked Gore then. I think he'd make a decent president any other time. But this isn't any other time. And he's a Sept. 10 kind of politician.

When I talk politics with my family who hate Bush, all they talk about it Bush. When I talk about bin Laden, Islamist terror, a long-term war, they do that hand-waving, head-shaking gesture that is the adult equivalent of sticking your fingers in your ears and shouting "NOTLISTENINGNOTLISTENING." They want IT not to have happened. They want IT to go away. What IT? This one: