Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Guess Who the "Real Criminals" Are?

Americans, of course. What's the crime? Take your pick. It seems we are kidnapping French journalists, too.

Erik, at No Pasaran torches the French media's coverage of the hostage crisis in Iraq.
But Mouna Naïm knows whom she is working for. She speaks of the "anger" of the French authorities who qualify his [Allawi's] words as "inadmissable". Compare the image of collective — and justified— anger with the image of a single guy who, rather irrationally, "dips into the resentment that he is visibly feeling" — All we need now is the CIA stooge imagery (don't worry, it's right around the corner).
By the way, I'm not buying the story making the rounds that French intelligence was responsible for the forged Niger-uranium documents that embarrassed Bush and Blair. The French administration is publicly and diplomatically undermining the U.S. at every turn, and its media is unspeakable, but I believe the French are fighting the war on Islamist terror in their own way, in the shadow world of secret services. If you read between the lines of the Senate Intelligence Committee Iraq report and certain recent news stories, cooperation between French and American spies seems to be strong.